FREE “Greet Meeting” Consultation:  If you think that you might be interested Talking Point Speech Therapy for your child, I am happy meet with you and your child for a “greet meeting” prior to scheduling therapy or an evaluation. This face to face meeting gives you a chance to get to know me a bit and gives your child and me a chance to meet each other so that if an evaluation or therapy is scheduled we can hit the ground running.

girl_speakingComprehensive Speech and Language Evaluation:  Quality evaluations drive quality interventions and treatments.
  Talking Point Speech Therapy provides comprehensive quality evaluations that consider not only the areas that your child is struggling with but also his/her strengths. Speech and language evaluations include all of the testing sessions that are required to obtain necessary data,  a detailed written report of findings and recommendations, and a  follow up meeting to discuss the results and recommendations.

Individual Speech and Language Therapy:  Talking Point Speech Therapy provides individual sessions designed to target your child’s individual needs. Quality treatment is a holistic process encompassing the entire child and his/her support people. It considers not only the child’s deficits but also his/her strengths and emotional well being. Speech and language areas addressed include: Articulation Disorders, Phonological Disorders, Oral Motor Disorders, Apraxia of Speech, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Pragmatic Deficits, Speech Fluency (Stuttering) Disorders, Expressive Language Delays, and Receptive Language Delays.

presenting_coloradjFree Speech and Language Development Workshops:  Because early identification and intervention of communication disorders can greatly improve a child’s overall future and success,
 free speech and language development workshops are provided for preschools and organizations serving young children. Workshops will include information about normal speech and language development and suggestions for activities that will promote speech and language growth.

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