Grades 1-2



Cranium Hullabaloo:  A very motivating, fun and silly game of listening for directions, colors, shapes, and categories.

Old McDonald Had a Farm (Milton Bradley): Kids try and match the baby animals hiding in a haystack with its proper mother by listening to and matching their sounds.  This is a good game for building vocabulary, auditory discrimination skills, as well as auditory memory skills.



  • For Language Organization
  • Which Does Not Belong?
  • What Goes Together?
  • Story Builder
  • For Vocabulary
  • Language Builder (ilanguage)
  • Preposition Builder (ipreposition)
  • For Grammar
  • Story Builder
  • Sentence Builder (isentence)
  • Conversation Builder (iconversation)
  • Language Builder (ilanguage)
  • For Social Language (Pragmatics)
  • Conversation Builder (iconversation)
  • For Literacy
  • Futaba
  • Fill the Gap (lite)
  • Pocket Phonics (lite)
  • ABC Magic
  • Cubric Free
  • First Words Sampler – Free
  • Sound Sorting
  • Letter of the Day
  • Tic Tac Toe – Phonics
  • For Articulation
  • Speech Hangman
  • Speech Squares
  • TicTacTalk
  • Speech Corners
  • Articulation!
  • Artic PCS
  • Flipbooks