About Pam

PamPamela Tar, MA, CCC-SLP, is a certified member of the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) as well as the Michigan Speech-Language and Hearing Association (MSHA). She earned her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Speech-Language Pathology from Michigan State University.

Pam has been working in the field of speech pathology since 1998.  She is well experienced with evaluating and treating  children with speech and language delays and disorders. Pamela is passionate about facilitating communication skills in children and teens: she knows that communication competence is a major predictor for life success.

Pam founded Talking Point Speech Therapy to provide quality speech and language evaluations and interventions to help children reach their best communicative potential.


What some clients are saying…

After almost 6 years of school based therapy, it became necessary for us to seek help outside of the school system for our daughter’s speech therapy.  We started to worry that her speech needs where not being met at her school.  We were concerned because her articulation issues were no longer improving.  We were very concerned about how this would affect her future goals.  We tried to increase our speech work at home, but without professional guidance, we were taking her off track.

We were delighted to find Pam.  Our daughter has passed milestones that we have been working on for over a year before we contacted Pam. Pam has firm goal’s for her to meet before moving her on, which I feel locks the sound into her speech and cuts down on her frustration.

My daughter enjoys her time with Pam.  She knows she is working, but has fun because of the games that Pam is able to mix in.  Pam has a very pleasant and upbeat personality, which makes a very reserved daughter feel comfortable.

I find it very helpful to have her therapy in our home, because I can listen from the other room when I am unsure about the formation of a sound.  This greatly helps me when guiding her speech homework.  This is a big plus, because I cannot easily “listen in” at school or in a center setting.  I wish we started this process earlier, because this is greatly benefiting my daughter, she is again showing progress in her articulation and us progressing faster than we could have ever thought possible.

– K.S.

We hired Pam to work with my daughter on a lisp which she hadn’t outgrown by age 7.  We felt very lucky to find someone as skilled as Pam who was willing to come to our house.  Pam was very professional and reliable, always coming on time.  She was exceedingly positive and encouraging with our daughter, while still giving very honest and observant feedback; she never gave our daughter a reason to feel embarrassed.

Pam started by doing a thorough assessment on the first visit.  She came up with a treatment plan and gave us an accurate sense of how long therapy would take and how successful it would be.  After starting therapy, we saw changes almost immediately.  Every week, she challenged our daughter with new and creative ways to practice her speech – from board games, to pick up sticks, to recordings, to reading out loud.  Our daughter thought it was fun and looked forward to Pam’s visits.  She did her therapy without any argument!  Before long, our daughter’s lisp was gone and  Pam gladly recognized her job was done.

We highly recommend Pam and can’t say enough good things about her.

– M.F.